Lathrop House is located in the center of Redwood City’s downtown area at 627 Hamilton Avenue, behind the old Domed Courthouse and opposite the Hall of Justice which is built on the site of “California Square” – a Spanish plaza style park – deeded to the citizens of Redwood City in perpetuity by the original landholders; the Arguello family and Mezes family.

One of the Peninsula’s oldest mansions, Lathrop House is an architectural treasure built in 1863 by San Mateo County’s first assessor-clerk-recorder and chairman of the Board of Supervisors, a man who later helped found the Southern Pacific Railroad and owner of a large tract of land in the Menlo Park area



Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Owned by the Citizens of San Mateo County
Leased to the Redwood City Heritage Association


*** 627 Hamilton Street (County Center), Redwood City, CA ***
*** June 2018: Lathrop House is closed until further notice. The house is being moved to new location. ***

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