It was in January 6, 1858, that Mary C. Lathrop, wife of Benjamin G. Lathrop, brought the entire block of lots on which the present Fox Theatre building now stands from the Arguello and Mezes families, the area's earliest landowners.

In 1863, the Lathrops' residence was ready for occupancy, with 11 rooms plus kitchen and servants quarters. It was named "Lora Mundi", roughly translated as "beauty spot of the world".

In 1870, General Patrick Edward Conner purchased the house and grounds for his family.

The property remained in the Connors' possession, although it was rented for some time, until 1894 when the trustees of Redwood City public schools purchased the site. The house was moved to the rear of the block, next to the creek, to make room for Central Grammar School, which opened in 1895.

In 1905, Mrs Joel Mansfield brought the Conner residence and in November of that year Sheriff Mansfield had the house moved to its present Hamilton Street location. The Mansfields made it their residence.

This historically important building is now more than 150 years old. It evokes a sense of history in the making, for in its walls lie imbedded the stories of many lives connected with Redwood City's past.

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